Monday, March 8, 2021

why the debt? the purpose of life

There is a lot of fog in this world. My hope is to blow away a little of it. It truly pollutes our senses in every way possible for us to grow.

Are we so grateful for Christ's payment of our debt, we fail to ask why the debt exists?

The answer: 
The debt exists so we can grow. So we will Practice, in appreciation for the payment. Christ's gift is His investment in us. Do we give thanks, by living the only way he has asked? Do we strive to emulate Him? 

I say Practice, but I mean change. Keep making adjustments, improvements, until  our time expires.

Over time we come to understand that there is a better way to live. A higher way that includes daily growth in this life, with Hope and Faith that through our prophets and personal revealation will be prepared for the next life.

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