Friday, March 12, 2021

dead ends

trusted you to catch my eye

and at least return the stare

i dropped you a line or ten

now i don't even care

i thought i was something to you

just a fool without a clue once again

thought that time had changed me

'stead i found another's dying end

turn the page 

burn the page

grit my teeth

burning rage

inside your world i died

i'll wake up to change

another night i sit, unfocused eyes 

trying to cause you pain

these words soon fade away

husks discarded left to rot

without context it's just another day

without direction an unconnected dot

i thought i could touch your life

pull you in and share the light

i waited not hoping to be misled

instead another path now dead

you claimed to be so smart

why would you need to make a fool out of me

ignore me as i adore you

destroy me as i give in to fatigue

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