Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White room leap

To some it's clear
Find one ... take her by the hand
make her understand
The world on you depends
Our life should never end
Oh tell her that she's the key
Tomorrow's sure to come
So batten down the hatches
take that white room leap
Never let her go
Never let her down
Forever young, I wanna be
Don't you really wanna live forever
Forever young
Cause for some it's clear
take her by the hand
Take him by the hand
Say her name, wear his name
And you too will understand
The world on you depends
Take me by the hand
My life will never end
But our world on you depends


If I told you it was a perfect day for it
You might think it was a good thing
You might think it was bright sunny day
You might be mistaken
You may be way off base
It was grey and foggy
Dunner and damp
Fuzzy on the horizon
Moist on window's cold fresh surface

I thought I lost you
The marvels of science
The art of the blade
And an extension of your life

We try not to realize our potential
Allowing another to fill the roll
Another to see what's just beneath
As we surface on another plane
Dozen to win, twice and we're set
We move on, rolling another turn
Risking it all, running the night away
Twice on the table and once in my...


So I started writing again
should you be worried
Heck...should I
In the past I did it for escape
Lets figure out what's in my mind needing to surface through the paper..the pen
no longer in anothers eyes
Inside we go
dark, deep, distant, delayed

Hello ....

im in


Everything's blending
Dark grey with a blue hue
The days, the flowing minutes
All the melting time
Filling in the spaces we thought were ours
Tucked away, out of reach
Safe and pure
Now the clash of reality
Has disturbed our serenity
And we've lost what we thought was ours
Lightening ripping the silence
Like an unexpected slap
red and sharp
Oh the precious hours we call our own
They are so small and so clean
So much potential in every minute
Infinite possibility laced with hope
This is tomorrow
How can we dare to call it our own

the grove

Theres a moss that grows as a vine
on a thick barked tree
It's green and fury
It's thick and hairy
it goes to say, that it goes unseen
But out in the forest
In the deep dark woods
it grows for years
And it grows for no one
It hides its presence from all
On a certain day
A certain youth
Found a hidden trail
in a search for truth
he knelt for us all
though he knew it not
At the time he touched the heavens
And the heavens withdrew not
The mossy vine wrapping
The thick barked tree
Was at home in itself
Not being heard
Nor being seen


Lets me explain
lets me forget
Helps me maintain
Helps me abstain
Trade me for a while
I got no time to not be moving on
Love is a mystery
Yours is my history


Long nights tired of not being tired
Together yet so far in between
We found in the divide a comfort
We long for the day when tomorrow brings something a little different
Maybe a vacation
Maybe just a change
a comfort that demands so little
That fills the hole with fluff
And it's enough
Just enough
For another tomorrow

Not that I ever was...

I'm not even mad anymore.
Not that I was before
I'm not even mad
should've guessed, should've known
And that's why I don't care
Blame myself and NO ONE else
Cut off, or so it seems
I can suck it up
I can take it man
She doesn't have a clue and i'm only telling you
Lets keep this between us
Just you and I

The 'ol fl0w

It used to be so easy
Never had to try
It would flow
Like my hunger
When the sun set
So came the desire