Wednesday, August 2, 2023

faith not to be healed

You may have the faith to be healed…BUT do you have the faith not to be healed?

Are you willing to have your will be swallowed up in the will of the Lord? 

Are you willing to #letGodPrevail by faithfully letting Him inflict upon you whatever is needed to mold you into a far greater being?

Friday, March 19, 2021

intro 7-13-18


Can’t seem to escape the feelings that i’ll be okay, but today I can stray

Putting off for tomorrow who i need to be … and now not just for me

Others see the skin, innocent, kind, maybe safe? … one who walks the walk

The truth is close enough for the blurring of excuse --- see lethargy

How does the Counting Crows song go --- i need a sunburn?

Something that makes me feel

HELL, explaining it just hurts the ones you love

They see that you are not happy with the way things are

Blaming themselves … no relief 

no relief ...and repeat * ∞

Friday, March 12, 2021

dead ends

trusted you to catch my eye

and at least return the stare

i dropped you a line or ten

now i don't even care

i thought i was something to you

just a fool without a clue once again

thought that time had changed me

'stead i found another's dying end

turn the page 

burn the page

grit my teeth

burning rage

inside your world i died

i'll wake up to change

another night i sit, unfocused eyes 

trying to cause you pain

these words soon fade away

husks discarded left to rot

without context it's just another day

without direction an unconnected dot

i thought i could touch your life

pull you in and share the light

i waited not hoping to be misled

instead another path now dead

you claimed to be so smart

why would you need to make a fool out of me

ignore me as i adore you

destroy me as i give in to fatigue

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Transposed Rainbow

Blurring the lines that cannot be changed

To engender a blender
One's faith but surrender
Have pity, shoved to show support
Shouldered far beyond the highest court
Turn thy cheek, not but endure
Wear our masks we do implore
Join the host and build the score
Deep drums rythe from shore to shore
Unlock thy pearly gates to we
Why should only thee bear keys
Behold the throng and colored flags
You once shown white, now fade to black
Some say the gulf is getting wider
And so our colors shine the brighter
As such our voices rise the higher
Once a game, your worth decider
End of days, but not of life
Of your ways, incommutable, white
Take a leaf, turn a plate
Come to grip with modern ways
White as snow and fair as cotton
A dream once touched, now seems forgotten
And should the crossed in clouds soar in
Proclaiming who can rise with Him
Our tongues may fail as we feign surprise
And seek for justice, yet meet no eyes

The Hand that Draws


She draws as he draws
One creates a dream
One takes a chance
An offering that repeats
A window into the mind
They reverse and entwine
A chance on a dream
Take the shuffled card
Fold it into your hand
A stroke of luck
Brushed with love
Create, fold, recreate
Draw, shuffle, duplicate



Some see life through the eyes of mathematics
Pi & Phi, patterns of calculation
Some see life thru the mind of science
Evolution, carbon dating, discovery thru observation
Some teach life within the lines of physics
Force and laws defined thru relativity
Some find themselves within nature's hallowed hills
All life bending towards the light, naturally
Some see creation as random evolution
Origin from a bang from which all life escaped
Infinite and intertwined patterned perfectly
Some see life through another's pen
Allowing theory and mystery to define their reality
Yet some find truth on bended knee
hope and light through one's belief
[Internal/Eternal] peace as one learns to forgive
Blessed for each day they’re Free, to live

So Spins the Circle

I have this feeling of driving, but I haven't left this desk
We’re speeding so fast I can hardly keep my breath
You’re the wind above my mind’s ocean
Waving through my thoughts at depth
You surface within my mind, my world
Soul light from my other life unfurled
I’m starting to understand I can’t win without losing
They’ll never say I made my choice by not choosing
16 miles from our home town and we’re lost
How much time will this memory cost
There’s No Code beneath the Riot Act and a Lightning Bolt
But Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness calls to me
And now I’m in college and now I’m a teen
I withdrawal to surrender another day & another dream