Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Transposed Rainbow

Blurring the lines that cannot be changed

To engender a blender
One's faith but surrender
Have pity, shoved to show support
Shouldered far beyond the highest court
Turn thy cheek, not but endure
Wear our masks we do implore
Join the host and build the score
Deep drums rythe from shore to shore
Unlock thy pearly gates to we
Why should only thee bear keys
Behold the throng and colored flags
You once shown white, now fade to black
Some say the gulf is getting wider
And so our colors shine the brighter
As such our voices rise the higher
Once a game, your worth decider
End of days, but not of life
Of your ways, incommutable, white
Take a leaf, turn a plate
Come to grip with modern ways
White as snow and fair as cotton
A dream once touched, now seems forgotten
And should the crossed in clouds soar in
Proclaiming who can rise with Him
Our tongues may fail as we feign surprise
And seek for justice, yet meet no eyes

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